The String Studio

382339_676150437157_476189037_nAs a multi-instrumentalist with well over a decade’s worth of experience playing in bands and a lifetime of training as a classical musician, I’m uniquely equipped to meet whatever string needs you may have.  I’ve recorded and arranged string tracks for singer-songwriters, major label producers, indie film composers, and of course my own music.  As a songwriter and longtime band musician myself, I understand the importance of live strings in a recording: a lush arrangement can push an emotional crescendo to its tipping point, a catchy fiddle riff can become a hook in its own right.  Every track I send out represents the best I have to offer, my rates are always flexible and I’m willing to work within your budget to take your music to the next level.

The excerpts in the string reel below are all arrangements I wrote and performed myself and run the gamut from major label releases to smaller independent theater projects:

1 – X Ambassadors, “Skin” (00:00 – 00:59): Violin and Cello ensembles
2 – 5j Barrow, “This too” (00:59 – 01:31): Fiddle lead and Violin ensembles
3 – Secondhand Theatre Company, “Awesome Day!” (01:31 – 02:05): Violin and Cello ensembles, solo violins, piano
4 – Grace Stein, “Eternity” (02:05 – 02:38): Violin ensembles
5 – Michael Hunter, “Top to Bottom” (02:38 – 03:05): Solo violins

I’m of course equally comfortable performing other people’s arrangements, and my string playing has been featured in many independent releases by singer/songwriters, signed artists, theater cast recordings, etc.  Drop me a line on the Contact page for more information and a quote, I look forward to working with you!