Michael Hunter

Singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer


Officially, Michael Hunter started his musical career at the age of 5 when he started taking piano lessons.  Unofficially, he secretly began improvising his own music on a Baldwin upright just shy of 4 years old whenever his parents would leave the house.  This early obsession with creativity and a tendency to ignore boundaries would become something of a recurring theme throughout his musical career.

After many years of formal classical training and performing in bands in upstate NY, Michael finally made his musical home in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn.  Composer, arranger, and versatile performer (he plays violin, cello, piano, guitar, bass, drums, percussion and sings), Michael has found his career niche as a musical jack of all trades.  On a typical day you might find him playing keys for a musical improve troupe, recording string arrangements in his home studio, playing drums in an industrial hard rock band, or performing his own music with his acoustic duo Hunt for Hunter.

Actually that’s a relatively slow day for the hard-working multi-talented musician, who has made it a lifelong effort to stretch his musical boundaries.  He released his debut solo album “A Chance to Shine” in the summer of 2013 (he performed and wrote all the tracks), which is now available online for download at AmazoniTunesCDBaby, and Bandcamp.  Currently he’s working on a new album with Hunt For Hunter, aiming for a summer 2014 release and tour.  Despite his achievements Michael remains an easygoing collaborator, always eager to learn, improve and create.  Hopefully his 4 year old self would be proud.